Easiest Dulce de Leche Recipe/ My Favorite Baking Supply Shop in Taipei

dulce de leche before and after
My first few months in Taipei were rough until I found a supply shop to feed my baking addiction. While I buy my flour from Costco, 全家烘焙原料性(quan2 jia1 hong1 bei4 yuan2 liao4 xing2) is where I get the bulk of my supplies.

The store is tiny and crammed full of shelves. They have a refrigerated section with premade pie shells, sugar cookie doughs, heavy cream, cream cheese, mascarpone, nuts, chocolate chips, and baking chips. I’ve noticed that their nut and chocolate supply isn’t consistent, but they have most baking staples.

taipei bakeshop
They also have several types of flours, sugars, and starches. In addition to baking ingredients, there are a lot of tool from baking pans, cookie cutters, piping bags, cake boxes, and a full Kitchen Aid mixer!

In addition to baking ingredients and supplies, they have a limited supply of western foodstuffs like baked beans, canned anchovies, and pasta at similar to slightly cheaper prices than Wellcome (and well below Matsusei, Jasons, and City Super).

During my most recent trip, I bought 495 grams of butter (105 ntd), a can of condense milk (58 ntd), flour (700 grams for 30 ntd), sugar (600 grams for 28 ntd), chocolate chips (300 grams for 100ntd), chocolate baking chips (200grams for 120 ntd).


Hours: closed Mondays, open 9-9 every other day
Address: Roosevelt Road, Section 5, 218 Lane, #36
Directions: Wanlong Station, Exit 4. Go out the exit, turn right and go down the main street until you see a 7/11 and a Cosmed. Turn right into the alley. It’s at the end on the right, just before the Family Mart.
water bath

easiest dulce de leche

Easiest Dulce de Leche Recipe

ADAPTED from just about every internet recipe.
YIELDS 1 cup of dulce de leche

  • 1 can of condensed milk
  • a pinch of salt

DIRECTIONS: The only trick part about this recipe is making the water bath. First boil some water. While you’re waiting for the water to heat up, preheat the oven to 400F/200C. Find two oven proof containers that you can nest together. Pour the condensed milk into the smaller container and sprinkle with salt. Next cover tightly with foil and place the smaller pan into the larger one. Place it in the oven and carefully pour the hot water


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