5 Meals in Bali

I recently visited my friend Heather in Bali, and it was wonderful. I ate a lot of delightful, delicious food and washed it down with the local Indonesian beer, Bintang. Although, I’m not big fan of beer, it was a super light-tasting beer with a smooth finish and no strong aftertaste. Over the course of my five day stay, I drank a total of like 4 bottles…and one of them was a big bottle! I lost count of how many coffees I had. Ten easy.

The fish (I’m not even a huge fan of fish) tasted fresh and delicious, and the food at the local warungs was inexpensive and just as yummy as the higher end stuff. I was also pleased to see veggies served with my meals, and plenty of gluten-free and vegan options. It was a hippie wonderland!

In other words, I’m not even a huge fan of sun shine, sea water, wind, other people (if I sound like a party pooper, that’s because I am), but Bali was amazing! And yea, there are like no street lamps, but you can also just sit outside in the pitch darkness and watch the stars. Onto the food…

1. Nasi Uduk on Sanur Beach


My hands down favorite was nasi uduk, rice cooked in coconut milk and spices. I either ate it with an exceedingly mild chicken curry or chicken cooked in brown sauce. It was the first time I had eaten zucchini in like a year! It was my favorite meal, and the only one I ate on the beach. The waiter lifted the banana cone that wrapped the rice with a cheerful “Happy Birthday!”
Address: Sanur Beach Boardwalk
Price: 30,000 rupiah + 10% service charge

2. Coffee at Merdeka Coffee Shop

Coffee is always better when served with a smile, but I’ve never had coffee accompanied with a dance. Apparently, barista/manager considers coffee his life’s passion whenever I ordered, it was like Christmas come early. There was humming and shaking as he ground the beans, tamped the coffee, and pulled espresso shots. When Heather ordered a “shakerato” or an espresso with ice in a shaker, we got a chacha.

They also have gelato made by a real Italian who lives upstairs, but this may all be hearsay.
Address: Jl. Merdeka IV nomor. 17 Renon
Price: varies. listed in picture.

3. Nasi Goreng at Kofi Pot

I ordered the nasi goreng, which is Indonesian fried rice. It came with a krupuk, large prawn cracker, fried chicken, and a satay chicken kebab. The rice was delicious, not too oily, and a little spicy. The fried chicken was depressingly dry, and the iced latte was just average.
However, the atmosphere was lush and green, and even though it was relatively close to the street, it was a very peaceful lunch.

Address: Jl Legian, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia.
Price: 100,000

4. Mojitos at Sloki

Heather and I tried their buy one get one free mojitos made with Bacardi rum. The mojito was below average, not very sweet, strong, or minty. But the mural was awesome!
Address: Jalan Dhyanapura No.3A, Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia.
Price: 90,000 rupiah for 2

5. Grilled Prawns at Watercress Cafe

I got the daily dinner special, which was grilled king prawns with a fresh salad with vinaigrette and feta cheese and brown rice. It was absolutely delicious and satisfying! I also adored the free chips they set down before we ordered.
Address: Jl Batu Belig #21a, Kerobokan, Bali
Price: 145,000 rupiah + service charge


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