Three Ingredient Coconut Sugar Body Scrub


I am not a fan of body butters and creams.It’s too cold when I get out of the shower. It doesn’t matter how nice it smells, it’s cold and gloopy, and yes, first world problems. Oftentimes, I just skip it, but then I get all scaly. If you have a similar problem than this body scrub is going to be your new best friend.

This stuff is the bomb! It was only three ingredients (coconut oil, sugar, and orange zest), and my skin felt silky smooth and moisturized afterwards. I could literally see the water beading on my skin. It was like I was coated with sealant! When I got out the shower, my skin felt nice plump but not greasy or oily. However, my elbows and heels could use a little more love. My only complaint — a teeny tiny whine — is that it was overwhelmingly coconut with a dash of orange. But that might be the quality of Trader Joe’s produce. 

I discovered this recipe in my blog roll by the very nice blog Our Best Bites. I poked around and found some other spa recipes to try; the fizzy peppermint bath salts look amazing! Although, Karen of Our Best Bites pictured it in a glass jar and I am also storing mine in a glass jar, glass + bathtub = bad idea. I recommend scooping a bit into a plastic bowl or cup each time you get into the shower. After wetting your skin, give yourself a few minutes to really massage it into the skin.

Three Ingredient Coconut Sugar Scrub


ADAPTED from Our Best Bites.

NOTES: I imagine this could easily be a two ingredient scrub (sugar + coconut oil), but the orange adds a nice touch. But in the future, I could totally see myself swapping it out for lemon or grapefruit zest or a few drops of essential oil. Hmmm…pina colada scrub anyone?


1/2 cup virgin coconut oil
1 cup white sugar
zest of 1 orange (wash the orange well first)


Combine the coconut oil and sugar together. Add the orange zest and mix well. I tried to mash it together with a fork, but ended up using a hand mixer. It’s a lot easier.



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