Toaster Oven Avocados

baked avocado

Last week, some coworkers were blown away by the baked avocado I made in the company toaster oven. What was it? They recognized the avocado, of course, but not the runny egg with hot sauce, salt, and pepper. Did I microwave? What did I do?

So even though there are a thousand and one (at least) baked avocado recipes out there, I thought I’d add mine to the mix. The one tricky bit it bringing a raw egg to work, but you can either carry it carefully to work in a Tupperware that also houses your avocado, or you can crack the egg into a tupper ware, or even substitute a hardboiled egg.

Baked avocados are my go to snack when I’m hungry, want to do minimal cleanup, and am hangry. Parts of the flesh of the avocado turn golden brown, and the egg white often puffs and tans. It’s creamy and delicious. I love scooping it out with a spoon, but I imagine it will also taste great smashed on a piece of toast.

Preheat the toaster oven to 400F. Line a toaster tray with tin foil.

I slice the avocado in half and remove the pit. Now some people will level the bottoms to help the avocado sit better or hollow out the hole to make it a bit bigger. While sometimes I’ll even out the bottom, I never widen the whole – it’s a waste of avocado. But Natalie, you’re wasting egg then. Avocados are more expensive than eggs. Even when they’re a steal at $2 for a bag of four. Also, some people put an egg in each avocado, and I do that sometimes when I’m feeling extra decadent!

Put a drop of hot sauce into each avocado hollow. It gives it a nice zing, but I imagine pesto or tomato sauce will also do nicely.

Now, I separate the yolk from the white and deposit the yolk into one of the avocado hollows. I have yet to meet an avocado that couldn’t hold an egg yolk. Even these cutesy tiny ones that are smaller than my closed fist. Next, discard half of the egg white. I tend to like to keep the more viscous part of the egg white and discard the runnier half, because it tends to drip everywhere. Pour the egg white half that you prefer into the remaining avocado half. Top with pepper and salt.

Depending on the size of the avocado and your egg preference, you will bake it between ten and fifteen minutes. I like it when the egg white is toasty looking but the yolk is still soft to touch.

baking avocado


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