September 2015 Budget Challenge


For the month of September, Beth of Budget Bytes is trying to keep her grocery bill to a weekly budget of $31 or 4.50 a day for 30 days.

I decided to join in the grand experiment; luckily, September is already almost half over. If I was a member of the Pooh gang, I would definitely be Piglet. High strung, a worry wart, but not as whiny and bossy as Rabbit. If you read my main blog, you’ll know that I’ve gotten more interested in personal finance lately and when I say “interested” I mean “panic fest.” Every month or so when I clean the fridge, I throw out a lot of food because it’s at the bottom of a drawer and I’ve forgotten about it. And drastically reducing the amount of grocery shopping seems a fair way to cut down on wastage.

On Saturday, I went to Trader Joe’s and a local farmer’s market and spent about $20.

12 oz of baby spinach $1.99
1 dozen eggs $2.79
sweet italian pork sausage $3.99
spaghetti squash $2.29
sliced mushrooms $2.29
2 onions $1
2 red pepper $2
5 pluots and a nectarine $3.25
Total: $19.60

I’m not trying to one up Beth or anything, because she adds the costs of things that are already in her pantry, and I know that I’m pulling a lot from my pantry this week. At the moment, I’m planning to make the roasted red pepper frittata as well as the skillet meatballs to eat with my spaghetti squash. I already have the feta cheese, canned tomatoes, milk, and other ingredients that will put me at or over the thirty one dollar limit.


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