Budget Challenge Update #2

After a rough start, the first week of the budget challenge did not go too poorly. I had oatmeal for breakfast most days and mixed things up this morning with an almond berry smoothie. In addition to making the meatball disaster, this is what I made this week:

I have mixed feelings going into week two. On the one hand, pantry has been vastly diminished and butter stocks are low. But I still have quite a bit of leftovers. I’m putting together my food list for tomorrow’s shopping trip!spaghetti squash fritters

The spaghetti squash fritters were delicious, and they’d make a great appetizer or an addition to a brunch potluck. The texture could have been crispier, but the bacon-feta flavor was amazing!brownie

The vampire brownies will endear you to teen girls and chocoholics everywhere.


I’m still tinkering with Jamie Oliver’s Chicken in Milk recipe. Since I don’t have a pan that can go in the stove (it’s on my to buy list), I panfried the chicken, deglazed the pan with the milk lemon sage mixture, and then poured all goodness into a parchment paper packet in a bread pan. The sauce is A+ fantastic, and delicious served over rice or farro. It’s a bit thin for pasta. However, the chicken was bland. I’ll experiment with brining the chicken first and then get back to you.


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