Budget Challenge Update #3 Groceries


The weather has warmed up again so it looks like fruit smoothies will make up the bulk of my breakfast this week. I can also mix things up with avocados and eggs for breakfast or as part of dinner. I wanted to focus on getting more veggies this week, and use my stores of quinoa, farro, and rice. Miso glazed egg plant, stir fried zucchini, etc.

But then I saw that Trader Joe’s starting stocking canned coconut milk again which means Thai curry noodle soupUnfortunately, I forgot to buy the cilantro so I’ll need to stop at a grocery store later this week. The total this week was $25.30, though the cilantro may bump me up another dollar or two.

peppersSo that’s it. A few squash and eggplants for veggies, and about a pound of fruit. There’s frozen berries, bananas, and almond milk in the fridge. I also bought a huge bag of chilies for a dollar fifty. The man wouldn’t sell me a handful, but he promised that I could pop them in my freezer and pull them out when I need it. This got me thinking of my lemongrass that always goes bad. It turns out you can pop that into the freezer as well.

I didn’t intend to buy any meat this week, but I was hoping to squeeze in some cheese. Maybe next week? We’ll see if I sink or swim.

receipt Trader Joe’s
1 quart of 2% milk 1.39
coconut milk 1.99
eggs 2.79
avocados 3.29
Total: 9.46

Farmer’s Market
Stall #1
3 squash
3 small onions
2 small eggplants
1 shallot

Stall #2
3 pluots
2 apples

Stall #3
Green onions

Stall #4
chili peppers
Total: $12.50

Noosa Yoghurt $1.84 with coupon
Cilantro $1.50
Total: 3.34

Grand Total: $25.30


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