Top 5 Savory Toaster Oven Recipes

For about four years, I cooked with a toaster oven that you couldn’t even fit a shoe box into. I consider it one of my greatest skills and I continued to hone my technique when I moved back to the states. A few months ago, the toaster oven caught fire and hasn’t been the same since. But sometimes I still think of the glory days! Here is a compilation of my favorite savory toaster oven recipes. To my friends back in Taiwan and China, I’m missing all those good times.

Roasted Tomato Sauce

toaster oven pasta sauce

The beauty of this recipe is that it’s a set and forget. Most toaster oven recipes require constant monitoring, but this sauce needs a few minutes prep, seal the foil, and then come back halfway to stir the sauce. In thirty five to forty minutes, you have a delicious a Toaster Oven Roasted Pasta Sauce.

Baked Avocados

baked avocado

Delicious and relatively healthy, this is my go-to lazy day snack/meal. It only takes ten to fifteen minutes. I love putting a few drops of hot sauce in the hollow before adding the egg. To make it a little hardier, you can scoop and smear your toaster oven baked avocados on a piece of toast.

Toaster Oven Sesame Chicken


I made these Toaster Oven Sesame Wings during a typhoon and I think we were all too stressed out and hungry to wait for me to take pictures. But here is a picture of a chicken on a lease. I snapped it while I was living in Shanghai. Like the tomato sauce, this is a low fussrecipe where you mix the ingredients and roast. Although, maybe you should be sitting in the next room just in case.

Toaster Oven Croissants


Warning! This is an advanced recipe of the FYea! variety! On most days, I’d much rather pick up some Trader Joe’s frozen croissants. The chocolate ones are fantastic! But if you ever want a challenge or are living far far way, always know that you can indeed make croissants in your toaster oven. Click Toaster Oven Croissants to begin your adventure.

Bacon Scallion Ricotta Tart


This recipe brings back a lot of memories. Written in March 2013, I was living in Shanghai and feeling very homesick. I used bacon that I brought back from America. We would put it in the freezer and then pop it in right as we were leaving for the airport. The ricotta cheese is from the Avocado lady, whose stall on Wulumuqi Rd is a favorite among expats. She is a wonderfully cheerful woman, and she sold this fantastic German chocolate muesli. I think it had bright orange packaging. If anyone knows what it is, you should leave a comment.

I remember this Toaster Oven Bacon Scallion Ricotta Tart really hit the spot.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Savory Toaster Oven Recipes

  1. I think I will definitely try the roasted tomato sauce. I keep the ingredients on hand it is easier to do than driving to the store at the last minute.

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