Budget Challenge Update #5 Groceries

receiptLast night while I was doing my grocery and meal planning I had a huge craving for roast chicken (I’ve been eyeing the Zuni chicken recipe), and at $10.46, this 3.9 pound bird swallowed up nearly half of my budget. The previous week was mostly vegetarian. The total of this week’s grocery bill is $21.21.

I rationalized the meat purchase because of all those “one chicken, five dinners” blog posts. Though, I might have changed my mind if I googled a little more extensively. The meat only lasts two or three meals, and they use stock to make soup or risotto for the rest, which I think is sorta cheating. But a month or so ago, my roommate bought a rotisserie chicken and after picking the carcass clean, she froze the nuggets of meat in Ziploc baggies to add to soups and quesadillas and all sorts of convenient deliciousness.

traderjoesAt the farmer’s market, I picked up some green beans as well as more egg plants. Fingers crossed that miso eggplant will happen this week, as well as green beans with almonds. I didn’t pick up any fresh fruit this week, but I’m planning to eat mango smoothies with the last of my frozen bananas and I still have one apple that I need to eat.

farmers market
Farmer’s Market
2 eggplants
green beans
1 shallot

After I got home from grocery shopping, I violated my chicken, salted and peppered it, and it’s currently cocooned in paper towels and air drying on a rack in the fridge.

In other news, I’ve started baking “hard boiled” eggs in the toaster oven as a snack. Due to the heat or bad luck, three out of my four avocados went bad. So instead of having baked avocados for lunch, I had a baked egg with some leftover bacon feta spaghetti squash fritters.  They still tasted really good heated up in the toaster oven.


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