Budget Challenge Update #6: Week in Review

Sorry for the delay in getting this post up. I was having some technical difficulties.

I’m elated that the September budget challenge is over. It wasn’t difficult to get enough to eat due to foodstuffs in the pantry, but I did have to put off buying unnecessary food like ice cream, chocolates, pumpkin spice, and croissants.

Not that I’m ready to go back to regular spending. I think I’ll continue posting my groceries for the next few weeks just to see how it goes.

In addition, to the roast chicken, potatoes, and green beans, I finally cooked up the miso eggplant to go with sesame noodles. I had dinner with my mother this week and was lucky enough to score leftovers; there was also a pizza party at work. I also ended up eating out twice this week (three times if you count Chez Mom).


I used an Epicurious recipe for the miso glazed eggplant, but I am less than enamored with the results. It may be because of the lackluster performance of the toaster oven, but I did note that the cooking time for the Epicurious recipe was significantly less than the one for the New York Times (six minutes versus fifteen to twenty). The result was a combination of burned yet raw.


I used the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Sesame Noodles. They were delicious.



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