October Week 2 Update: Food Wastage and Eggs

My sister came to visit last weekend, which was great for me and even greater for being a lazy butt around the kitchen. We ate out a lot over the weekend, which was really fun. I had no expectations on staying on budget during her stay, but she’s been gone for days and things have continued to deteriorate.

This whole budget mindset is built on sand, the smallest change and it all comes tumbling down. Much like that time I decided to give up refined sugar. Did I even last a day? After roasting beets and sauteing their greens, I ended up throwing out the whole thing five days later, because they took on a weird sour taste. The bag of spinach also liquefied. Natalie: 0; Food Wastage: 2.

In preparation for my sister’s arrival, I did my grocery shopping early and then promptly lost one of the receipts.

In terms of subsistence, I’ve been eating a lot of eggs, boxed mac n cheese with fresh broccoli, and finally, on Wednesday, I cooked the first proper meal of the week. It was a hodge podge of half a pound of spaghetti with pan fried chicken sausage with mushrooms and zucchini and half a cup of Trader Joe’s olive tapenade. Remember those disgusting slimy meatballs of last month? Well, it wasn’t entirely my fault. Even pan fried, the sausage has a weird rubbery, almost mcnugget-y texture. That will not be a re-purchase.

Suffice to say, the pasta wasn’t the best thing I’ve made. But Tj’s olive tapenade isn’t bad as a pasta sauce and it’s amazing as a pizza sauce. And after YEARS of trying to discover the perfect brownie recipe, it was a mixed blessing to discover how nom nom delicious TJ’s gluten free brownie mix is. My sister and I had it for breakfast in a pizza pan (more chewy end pieces, yo!). She added slivvered almonds and sea salt.

In other news, I’m thinking about buying a 20 pack of Shin Ramen from Amazon. It was less than a dollar a packet, but the price has since gone up in the past few days so I’m going to wait. Even though it’s probably terrible for you, I love ramen as an easy carb. It’s already fully cooked so it only takes a few minutes. I like making “fancy” ramen with soft boiled eggs or cooked “dry” with tomato sauce and sea food. I really want to try making budae jjigae. According to Wikipedia, it originated during the Korean War and incorporated foods available on army bases such as sliced American cheese, spam, sliced sausages, baked beans, and macaroni. I have my eye on Cherry on my Sundae’s recipe.


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