Pumpkin Spice Latte In Progress

pumpkin spice latte
The internet is exploding with pumpkin spice latte recipes, as well as pumpkin spice everything. I really enjoy a weekly coffee trip so for a while, it didn’t seem worth it to whip it up at home. But that was a temporary delusion.

Although, I was tempted by a few recipes that toast their spices for extra spiciness, I decided that ultimately, if the simplest version was drinkable, I’d rather make that one. Though I did draw the line at buying whipped cream in a can; that seemed a surefire way for things to escalate to a pumpkin spice addiction!

I used the no-nonsense Food Network recipe. If you skip the whipped cream, you can make it with a glass jar and your regular coffee maker. It’s that easy. Brew your coffee as normal, whip the sweetened cream, and then combine pumpkin puree, sugar, milk, vanilla extract, and pumpkin spice in a glass jar. Give the jar a good shake to combine it, remove the lid, and then microwave for 30 seconds to a minute. If it’s separated, screw on the lid once more and shake until frothy. It smells divine.

Then pour the coffee and milk mixture in your mug of choice, top with whipped cream, and add a last dash of pumpkin spice. Voila!

But I also wanted to make a version that you could throw together in less than five minutes on those hectic mornings when you need a little extra love.

I ended doing an overnight recipe, where you make the pumpkin milk in a jar the night before and let the frozen pumpkin defrost. In the morning, you just microwave, add coffee, and a lump of whipped cream. After making one from scratch and another from frozen materials, the fresh one tastes monumentally better. While frozen whipped cream is nothing to sneeze it, it doesn’t have the cloud-like creamy consistency of fresh! Also, I noticed that after I combined the ingredients and let them sit overnight, the spices weren’t as strong and the pumpkin had a slightly bitter taste. That being said, I did and would still drink it. Because I need the caffeine.

I want to try a few more iterations before posting a recipe online. I think I’ll try defrosting the pumpkin separately and adding the spice right before the heating process. But until then, frozen whipped cream ain’t half bad. Instead of adding the frozen puffs straight to the coffee, I might let them sit out for a few minutes first.

sweetened whipped cream caps





2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Spice Latte In Progress

  1. I like the idea of freezing blobs of whipped cream so that they can be used one at a time! I’ve frozen a whole thing of unused coconut milk, but what I don’t use after thawing ends up being wasted. Good post!

  2. Thanks! I’ve been freezing the whipped cream in blobs, but also in two tablespoon increments in an ice cube tray. Maybe that will work for the coconut milk as well!

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