Last Minute Halloween Food Ideas


Sometimes holidays sneak up on you, and as much as you want to have an awesome costume, pumpkin, etc, it doesn’t happen. I somehow managed to send a Halloween care package to my friends in ANOTHER COUNTRY, which involves more serendipity than luck, yet have sadly neglected this holiday. 

So it’s the day before Halloween and what am I going to bake? I realized that one of my favorite recipes is actually not on my blog. It’s a funfetti red cake from a professional pastry chef named Fanny, who currently writes on Like A Strawberry Milk but the recipe is on her old blog FoodBeam. She folds in shredded beets into the white cake batter so it’s moist but also delightfully speckled red. I also love Smitten Kitchen’s Red Wine Cakemillionaire's shortbread

Here’s some autumn themed sweets. Notice the abundance of cinnamon and caramel. Anything can be Halloween themed if you have orange sprinkles or a pumpkin cookie cutter.

For those already experiencing chilly weather, you might think to whip up some spiced wine or pumpkin spice lattes.

purple soup

But after a month of Halloween candy in the office, maybe you’re feeling something savory. I unintentionally made some ghoulish looking thai noodle soup the other day with some leftover purple cabbage. It turned it into a milky purple color, which does look like witches’ brew. The noodles turned purple too. But pumpkin is an old favorite too.


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