October Week 4 Update


My schedule has been all over the place the last few weeks. I am simultaneously incredibly lazy and terrible with change, which means that whenever there is a shift, I don’t do diddly squat. But if I wanted to be honest the largest obstacle to blogging the past two weeks is that damned Marshmallow update on my Android phone, because my phone doubles as my camera and the usb settings are different. Ultimately, after restarting and reinstalling things on my laptop and my phone, I realized that my USB cable was at fault. Lesson of the day: Double check the hardware first.

During the last week of October, I went way over budget, with a grand total of $42.44.  In my defense, several of the items are pantry staples. I bought six varieties of noodles and pasta. On the Western end, I got penne and egg noodles. I used the penne later that week for a baked ziti, and the egg noodles are for chicken noodle soup (stay tuned). On the Eastern end, I got fresh rice noodles (Thai noodle soup), dried rice noodles (for Thai noodle soup), rice cakes and instant ramen(for Spicy Chicken Galbi Ramen). Unfortunately, I’ve already eaten all three packets of ramen, and will have to wait until next week to gather supplies for the elusive Korean army stew.

1 dozen eggs
Penne Pasta
Noosa Honey Yogurt
Egg Noodles

Total: 28.83

Rice Noodles
3 packets of ramen
1 Rice Sticks
Rice Cakes

Total: 13.62

Grand total: 42.44

So, what did I eat?

Thai noodle soup: 4 Servings

purple soup
Chicken Galbi Ramen: I lost count how many times I ate this, but it makes a tasty breakfast!
Baked Ziti: I used Smitten Kitchen’s recipe, and used mushrooms as a meat substitute. The pasta base was a vodka tomato cream sauce. I had a bit of vodka left from my ice cream making days, and I still have a bag of heavy cream ice cubes. I wasn’t thrilled with the vodka sauce, but the ziti was taste enough.


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