Curried Chicken Meatballs

curried chicken meatballs

My cousin made these meatballs once and they were the bomb! These are not the hearty meatballs one eats with spaghetti, but softer, lighter, almost the texture of a matzoh ball. She served the meatballs on shallow plates with a few spoonfuls of curry as a sauce.

But me, I like them as a noodle soup ladled over some softened zucchini noodles. I like to drown my cauliflower rice with them. I believe in my heart of hearts that they would be divine over some rice noodles or steamy hot rice. They could also possibly be stuffed into a wrap or a sandwich.

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Sticky Chewy Butterscotch Blondies

There is not much to say about these butterscotch blondies besides that they’re sticky and delicious. The best part is the puddles of caramel that get extra toasty on the bottom of the pan. The recipe isn’t one-bowl easy, but they’re still a pretty straightforward recipe. The butter is melted which always makes things easier. It is the sort of thing you could whip together in under an hour for an impromptu get-together. Continue reading

Chicken Galbi Cheesy Ramen

I’ve had my eye on Lady and Pups’ Chicken Galbi Ramen recipe since she posted it. What is not to love about spicy chicken, tossed with instant ramen, and covered with cheese! While cheese and ramen seems to make inroads into the western consciousness only a year or two ago (if Youtube is any indication), one of my favorite dishes is a Hong Kong style pork chops and rice, which my mom always makes with a lot of shredded cheese. So, if you like one, you’re very likely to like the other. Continue reading

Peanut Butter Cup Double Chocolate Cookies

peanut butter chocolate cookies

I haven’t been posting much on the food blog, because I haven’t been using recipes that I feel like sharing. Last week, I made David Lebovitz’s Deviled Grilled Chicken on a stove top, and it’s messiness outweighed its tastiness. Even with a splatter guard, I burned myself a few times when I basted the chicken. I made a knock off version of Costco’s quinoa salad which sent me to Urgent Care. Apparently, I have a food allergy now! Woohoo!

I have written earlier about my belief that most chocolate chip cookies are too sweet and too chocolate-y and everyone should halve the amount of sugar in cookies, and they would be more delicious. Then I had a big, thin, marbled chocolate chunk cookie and it rocked my world. Because sometimes you want a cookie, and sometimes you need a modified chocolate bar. Continue reading

Goat Cheese and Parmesan Mac

When I was in college, my best friend was studying in the UK and she would tell me horror tales of lumpy inedible cheese sauce. Apparently at that time at her local Tescoes, they didn’t have macaroni and cheese in a box. Or perhaps she just couldn’t afford it on her student budget. But I remember that lumpy sauces seemed to be a particularly apt metaphor for college and adulthood. Why is something that looks so basic, that everyone else can do, be so inexplicably hard? Bah, impossible!
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Quick Tomato Farro with Pan Fried Shrimp


Farro has been around for millenia, but for me it has only existed for a few weeks and I grow more and more in love with it every day…mostly because it takes as long to cook as pasta, and is less fussy than rice. Over the weekend, I did a twist on Smitten Kitchen’s One-Pan Farro with Tomatoes. I had most of the ingredients on hand except fresh tomatoes, but canned tomatoes worked in a pinch!

I finally bit the bullet and bought some frozen shrimp from Trader Joe’s and they are surprisingly sizable. I defrost them in some water, pat dry, and then fry them two minutes per side in a little olive oil or butter.  Continue reading

Roasted Mushrooms with Lemon and Thyme

lemony mushroom thyme pastaI’ve been on a major herb kick for the past few weeks, and this past weekend, decided to break into the thyme. I found a baked mushroom recipe on foodienarium. Originally, used as an appetizer served on toast, I enjoyed it tossed with pasta with a tablespoon of butter and lots of additional Parmesan cheese. The mushrooms let out quite a bit of liquid that you can thicken with butter and pasta water for a light sauce. Continue reading

Farro with Red Beets and Goat Cheese


A few weekends ago, I went to a picnic and was bedazzled by cold salads. There was a mozzarella and tomato salad with shiso and basil, and a bright pink farro salad with beets and seasoned with fennel and lavender. I don’t even like raw tomatoes, but I found myself filling my plate over and over again. As you well know, my mainstay is carbs and sauce with an occasional juice or smoothie, so bright green things were a huge and welcome contrast. Continue reading

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies with Macadamia Nuts


When I scored a bunch of macadamia nuts, the first thing that popped to mind is white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. But was the white chocolate even necessary? Regular chocolate must go fine with macadamia nuts, because I ate an entire box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts and it was delicious. Continue reading

Brown Butter and Sage Pasta with Sausage, Spinach, and Zucchini

sage butter pasta
Sage smells and tastes amazing. Earlier this week I went to a nursery to pick up some herbs to start a little culinary garden. In college, I tried my hand at plants and it was all slaughter and death. But now armed with Getting Things Done (read my review here), online watering calenders, and a healthy peer group of gardeners, I hope things will end up differently. When I was picking out my herbs, I nibbled on leaves and, sage was far and above my favorite. I think a lot of herbs are for lack of a better word, pungent, like a flick in the nose. But sage was warm, fragrant, earthy, toasty, but not overwhelming.

Although I looked at a lot of recipes, I built mine around Mark Bittman’s butter pasta recipe and added veggies so it would feel healthier.
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