Sticky Chewy Butterscotch Blondies

There is not much to say about these butterscotch blondies besides that they’re sticky and delicious. The best part is the puddles of caramel that get extra toasty on the bottom of the pan. The recipe isn’t one-bowl easy, but they’re still a pretty straightforward recipe. The butter is melted which always makes things easier. It is the sort of thing you could whip together in under an hour for an impromptu get-together. Continue reading


Millionaire’s Shortbread aka Fancy Twix

millionaire's shortbread

Last week’s caramel sauce was cruising towards it’s expiration date and there is only so much that you can eat with a spoon. I contemplated breaking out my ice cream maker and making some sort of caramel swirl ice cream, but I bought a quart of cookie butter ice cream on Saturday and devoured it by Tuesday. I knew I had a reason for not keeping ice cream in the house. Even though I tried to keep my serving size small by eating ice cream out of a ramekin, I just got an embarrassing number of refills. I needed to get rid of my caramel sauce, and by “getting rid” I mean, persuading others to eat it. Millionaire’s Shortbread or caramel chocolate shortbread seemed like a good alternative. Continue reading

Mystery Chocolate Joe Joe Cake

chocolate cake with cream

What do you do when you have several cups of chocolate cookie flavored frosting? You bake another cake. Now, this is not the prettiest cake I’ve ever made.

One of my coworkers even said, “It looks like hell.”

“But it tastes like heaven,” chimed another coworker.

I also forgot to snap a picture until it was more than half eaten, which doesn’t help things. Continue reading

Dark Chocolate Frosting

view from up top

Remember that buttermilk raspberry cake I made a few weeks ago? Well, I made it again and put a whole bunch of chocolate frosting on top! I was planning to make Smitten Kitchen’s “I Want Chocolate Cake” Cake, but alas I was out of cocoa powder! I noticed that the cake recipe is very similar to the buttermilk raspberry cake so I figured, why not? I like chocolate raspberries! The one change I did make was omitting the lemon zest. I know some people like lemon and chocolate, but I am not in that number.   Continue reading

Steam-Proofing Chocolate Babka

second rise


This is the prettiest thing that I’ve made, hands down. The recipe is once again from Smitten Kitchen, but I did read a few other recipes from Epicurious and Martha Stewart as well. Martha Stewart claims that you can freeze the loaves the step before the last rise and then let them defrost for five hours before baking, which doesn’t seem that convenient at all.
Continue reading

Chocolate Espresso Shortbread


A few weeks ago, I acquired some Red Velvet Coffee from Peerless Coffee and it smells like a chocolate factory. I know, because I toured the Scharffenberger factory three times. They gave out free chocolate. The Red Velvet coffee smells rich and chocolate-y with vanilla. The taste is wonderful, and I have tried to convince people to come over just so I can brew them a cup. When that failed — who wants a cup of coffee 9 at night? — I decided I needed to bake with it just to share it with more people in the world.

Most of the coffee shortbread recipes I came across used instant espresso — bah! — but I did come across one that used three tablespoons of ground coffee. I was too chicken to try three tablespoons so I did a much more moderate 1 tablespoon. In future attempts, I think I will add a tablespoon or two of strong coffee into the cookie batter (if only for the color), but I’m happy with the result as is. It’s crisp and crumbly and not overly sweet.  I was told it was good on its own, but out of this world when eaten between sips of black coffee.It went fast! Continue reading

Toaster Oven Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Chocolate chunk cookies  The oven at my parents’ house is broken, but I had the baking bug.

So last night, I made 40 chocolate chip cookies in increments of 6 and 7 in the toaster oven. It took me two hours. It was perhaps not the wisest use of my time, but this goes to show that you can make perfectly respectable looking chocolate-y cookies with the humblest of tools.

I didn’t have chocolate chips so I chopped up about a cup’s worth of chocolate. I think it’s more visually appealing to have chunks and specks and swirls of chocolate. Also, I think most chocolate chip cookie recipes have way too much chocolate! The people who ate them didn’t miss the chocolate one bit. Some recipes have 1:1:1 chocolate, flour, and sugar ratio, but I think a little sweetness goes a long way. We gotta keep things classy! Continue reading