Chicken Galbi Cheesy Ramen

I’ve had my eye on Lady and Pups’ Chicken Galbi Ramen recipe since she posted it. What is not to love about spicy chicken, tossed with instant ramen, and covered with cheese! While cheese and ramen seems to make inroads into the western consciousness only a year or two ago (if Youtube is any indication), one of my favorite dishes is a Hong Kong style pork chops and rice, which my mom always makes with a lot of shredded cheese. So, if you like one, you’re very likely to like the other. Continue reading


Instant Ramen Paella

In my original cookbook (download it here), I had an entire section dedicated to instant ramen. Recently, my love for it was reignited when I started watching Anthony Bourdain’s Mind of a Chef with David Chang. In one of the early episodes, David makes some riffs on gnocchi, fideos, and cacio e pepi with instant ramen. He explained that ramen is actually full cooked and then deep fried in oil. Continue reading