Porky Red Lentil Soup


Hi, all. Sorry I haven’t written in such a long time. I’ve had a pretty long streak of unsatisfactory recipes. For thanksgiving, I made a chocolate pudding pie. The week before that I made Swedish cinnamon rolls with exorbitantly ¬†expensive peal sugar and cardamon. Neither of these were a great success. Continue reading


Lighter Clam Chowder

For those times when you don’t have heavy cream lying in the fridge, this recipe will do in a pinch. I was a bit apprehensive when I made David Lebovitz‘s clam chowder sans full fat milk, half and half, and heavy cream, because he cautions against it. My sister is a fairly discerning eater, and I was scared she would reject it and then I’d have to eat a pot of subpar chowder all by my lonesome. But she loved it!

If you look at the original recipe, you’ll notice that I’ve halved it, but it still yielded about a quart of clam chowder, which is more than enough for two people. This is not the best damn chowder I’ve ever tasted and I’m sure a pound of fresh clams taste a lot better, but you can throw it together in half an hour while you’re doing a load of laundry in the morning and then heat it up for lunch.
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